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David Comedia, is a humorist, imitator and creator of Venezuelan content, who has participated in programs such as “Qué Locura” and “El Show del Vacilón” on the Venezuelan television channel “Venevisión”.

He has collaborated in comedy circuits such as “La Comedia Oriental”, with renowned figures such as El Conde Del Guácharo, Emilio Lovera, Moncho Martínez, Carlos Rodríguez “Rafucho” and Of his shows, the most outstanding are: The Assembly of Humor, Recalculating, Imiteitor, Asilometi, With the stew giving, and many others.

He actually lives in USA, he performs with his humor show framed in the imitation of relevant characters to the Hispanic community, such as Don Francisco, Fernando del Rincón, Osmel Sousa and others, including insigths of daily life and Stand Up Comedy routines, as well as imitations live where the public chooses who he will imitate.

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